Sunday, March 27, 2016

Episode 1: The Master of Time and the Call to the Spirit Hunter

“To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

It was a typical summer day. The sun started to shine brightly and the wind was a bit warm as it kissed every passersby on the busy sidewalk of Sunset Village. Geno, a junior high school student wiped the sweat off his neck with the white sleeves of his gray and blue-colored uniform and let out a big yawn. In the midst of the crowd, he unconsciously blended in the parade of people with burnt skins and hollowed eyes like he was one of them- slowly, dragging their feet under the morning sun.
As his mind began to drift away to Neverland, a girl with a bad frizzy hair came up from behind and bumped into his right shoulder without any warning.  Judging by her maroon school uniform, she was a student from one of the private schools in their town. Too lazy to get mad, he just watched her carelessly squeezed through the crowd while a tall, young guy in similar uniform struggled to catch up.
She reached the intersection and checked up on the green traffic light. Her restless feet were evident in contrast with the small horde of living dead around her - who were calmly waiting for the light to change as moving vehicles slowly passed by. Impatient, the frizzy haired girl looked around, and with no hesitation crossed the lane.
Now, here comes another lunatic who's been born from the far side of the moon. Geno wondered if she was ruthlessly bullied by her two stepsisters when she was younger or did she just escaped a lifetime imprisonment from the four corners of her room by lowering her long frizzy hair out of the window? His groundless thoughts were unexpectedly disrupted when he caught sight of a dark-colored sedan speeding its way through the street. It was like an unstoppable raging river, like a lightning in a stormy night. No doubt, it headed straight to challenge death itself.
From that moment everything seemed to slow down.  Geno felt his blood began to boil while her feet unwillingly moved on their own.
Five seconds, he thought, or maybe less. He tried hard to forcibly stop his feet thinking it was too late.  In his mind, he knew she would surely die as clear as the cloudless sky.
Judgement is inevitable, he heard a voice said.
The tinted car violently hit the young victim faster than what any eyes could see.  Everything happened too fast.  The body flew in the air and like a rock tumbling down a hill, it hit the ground and rolled just right in front of him. Geno’s jaw dropped open. It was the stalker! The young man in maroon uniform.
He turned around with a puzzled look. His mind was filled with questions he knew he would never solve. He looked again and again and at last, he saw the frizzy-haired girl lying unconscious on the other lane. But how? She must have managed a few scrapes and cuts on her face and maybe on her elbows and knees.  But she was saved- quicker than a drop of a hat.  And so, five seconds had passed.
Geno stepped one foot back, an unpleasant feeling started to flow uncontrollably from his stomach.  The place began to be filled with ridiculously loud honks of car horns and earsplitting screeches of tires. Terrified screams reverberated across the street. Every dull eyes became wide open thanks to curiosity.  As bystanders started to surround the young victim’s body in the middle of the street, Geno dropped to his knees and stared closely at the guy who seemed to be at the same age as him.
Blood covered his entire face. Bright red color slowly dripped to the ground. With eyes half-opened, he tried to grasp for breath but choked from the blood coming out of his mouth. He stared at Geno with knitted eyebrows.

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